"L'Empire contre-attaque" ..... 30éme anniversaire!

A l'occasion de cet anniversaire, SWG met en place un mini-système de rewards-collection afin de fêter dignement cette date.

A partir du 4 mai, et ce durant 4 semaines successives, en vous connectant vous obtiendrez un package reward de cet anniversaire. Le premier contient l'objet de collection (la collection des 4 apportera un 5éme reward) et un holo-shrud et costume de Lando Calrissian.

Il y aura de plus des rewards spéciaux sur l'instance de Hoth ....... à vos équipements "neige".


Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Event

Star Wars Galaxies is celebrating The Empire Strikes Back's 30th anniversary. Each week in May, starting on the 4th, eligible characters will receive a new publish gift. It will contain a collection item and an in-game gift to commemorate the event. Be sure and log in all your characters each week to get them or you will miss out. Once you complete the collection you will receive a fifth gift. Eligible characters are ones that are at least 10 days old (i.e. characters that normally get a publish gift when we offer a new one) and they must log in each week to receive the gift.

In addition, we’ll be adding new rewards as loot drops in Hoth and for purchase using heroic tokens. For the 1st week, we’ll be adding a very interesting loot drop to everyone’s favorite wampa boss, Unkajo. He’ll drop this tradable reward each time:

And this is no ordinary snow globe. Since it came from the Hoth heroic, it has an ability not available in other snow globes. Get one and check it out.

For the last weekend in May (from May 27th through June 1st), we’ll be doing another BONUS EVERYTHING WEEKEND. We have fixed some issues from the last bonus weekend plus we added bonus HEROIC TOKENS to the event. These will be very useful to help you buy some of the new heroic token rewards we’ll be adding all month long.

Source : http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/players/news_archive.vm?id=68767


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