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Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

Quelques jours après la mise en ligne du GU15 nous voila déjà avec des nouvelles du prochain patch le GU16.
Au programme : un rafraîchissement du theme park de Nym's et du contenu spatial, les professions des corrections apportées aux guildes, du jeu de rôle, des groupes, et bien d'autres choses et plus de précisions qui seront abordées plus tard dans d'autres news.

La news officielle ci-dessous :

Alas the long awaited reveal of the next game update. There’s a lot going on in this update. A few things will be announced later. Here is a teaser of some of the things that you can look forward to.
Content: Nym’s Theme Park
The old theme park will be receiving a long deserved revamp to make the content more challenging. This theme park will also pick up where the content path left off in an effort to deliver a more complete experience for new players. Quests will be added to the player’s journal. Players will get a chance to earn new rewards. We’re also planning to include additional side quest, collections, and solo and group content. New and veteran players alike will enjoy the new theme park and get a chance to play one of our most exciting quest series.

Space: Yes Space!
We’re removing the Kessel Switch. Destroying the Star Destroyer or the Freedom Station will no longer have any effect on Kessel. In addition the special spawns that would normally only appear after one of the two had been destroyed will now always be active. We’re also removing (almost) all of the collection spawns from all the space zones (the spawns remain in the Nova-Orion zone). Instead these spawns will now be available via space Duty Missions from the space stations. Finally, Destroy Duty Missions will give the player a special token as a reward in addition to the credit payout. The token can be used to purchase randomly generated space parts. Players will be able to select the type of item (for example: Armor, Weapon, or Engine) and the certification level. The stats will be generated in the same way looted items are generated. Oh and one more thing on the list is to change Nym’s Starmap and the Lord Cyssc missions and make them repeatable (you’ll be able to do them daily). It really feels great to discuss space changes in a producer note (I can’t wait until GCW part 2).
Can you fix … We can try!
After too long of a wait we are dedicating a large portion of GU16 to address top senate and community issues. We hear you and we are very excited to get a chance to start focusing on addressing these issues. The goal of this update is to address issues across all the professions plus fixes for player associations, groups, role players, battlefields, and even some GCW (can’t …. stop …). So far the team is making great progress.
And there is more. Stay tuned for more details on this very exciting update.

Bon jeu à tous et à toutes

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