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La friday feature de cette semaine nous parles de la fêtes des amoureux! en cette occasion le retour des ewoks cupidon sera de mise. le Ewoks and the Festival of Love sera reparti du 3 février au2 mars. Les villes suivante Tyrena sur Corellia, Kaadara sur Naboo, et la Southern Ewok Lake Village sur Endor seront les lieux où résiderons nos petit amis poilu. De nombreux cadeau bien amusant seront distribué par les ewoks durant le festival de l'amour ainsi que divers petite animation seront proposé. Pour vivre sa, rendez vous le 9 février dans les lieux cité plus haut.

voici la news officiel ainsi que les images des cadeaux à recevoir. Bon jeu à tous

The Ewok Festival of Love returns to the Star Wars Galaxies beginning February 9th! Be sure to visit the host cities: Tyrena on Corellia, Kaadara on Naboo, and the Southern Ewok Lake Village on Endor, before March 2nd in order to take part in this year's Festival of Love. You can also find Chief Chirpa and the tribe celebrating in Theed on Naboo, near the cantina, and at theResearch Outpost on Endor.
Ewoks and the Festival of Love
Ewoks are small, furry, sentient creatures that are native to the forest moon of Endor. The trees of the forest provide not only physical shelter to the Ewoks, but also give the tribe a sense of protection as the trees watch over them.

The Ewoks live in harmony with nature and forage for food in the lush vegetation. Camby berries are given freely during the Festival of Love, an event celebrated once a year to honor the kinship and love between tribe members. During the festival, the Ewoks present this gift of their hard-earned food to other members of the tribe to demonstrate trust and acceptance.
During the Festival of Love, tribe members prepare meals, dance, and sing traditional songs, such as this ancestral chant often heard drifting through the treetops of the forest moon:
Dugun duca lula ludia nuna, dounga, luna nudia!

Even though Ewoks live in fiercely guarded tribal units, they often treat outsiders with warmth. Ewoks are curious by nature, leading the chief to open the Festival of Love to outsiders, allowing them to to partake in thefestivities.
Celebrate the Love
News of the Galactic Civil WAR has not yet reached their homeland, so the good-natured Ewoks are equally welcoming to Rebels and Imperials alike.

Queen Kylantha of Naboo has extended an invitation to the tribe to visit her planet, so Chief Chirpa has ventured to Theed with the tribal shaman Logray to share their rich culture with the galaxy. Visitors interacting with the Ewok tribe during the festival can even learn to speak the Ewok language to put the Chief at ease.

Although Logray is suspicious of outsiders, the medicine man is willing to part with some of the Ewok foodstuffs. Logray offers the traditional Festival of Love cuisine, camby berries and chak juice, but because he does not yet fully trust outsiders, festival-goers must pay a small price. The credits arewell-spent, however, as this exquisite fare offers beneficial effects.
You will find an Ewok Chief and Shaman near the chocolate fountains in all celebrating cities.
One of the festival activities involves helping the disillusioned love sage. He has lost his way and players must help him re-discover the true meaning of the Ewok Festival of Love and prove to him that there really is love in this crazy galaxy of ours.

Upon completion of the Ewok Festival of Love activities, you will receive Ewok Chak Hearts to be used at one of the vendors to purchase Festival of Love rewards.
The new Ewok Festival of Love rewards for this year are:
Ewok Festival of Love Painting

A Bouquet of Flowers
A Wearable Halo

Three new sets of wearable wings in pink, blue and gold

In addition to these new rewards there will be three new Badges and Titles this year. Players will also be able to use their earned Chak Hearts to purchase a miniature Chocolate Fountain, a Crossbow of Love that decreases an enemy's hate toward the player who uses it, a very special Ewok Festival of Love Familiar, a Ewok Festival of Love costume, all in addition to the Festival of Love Wings to help you get in the spirit of things! The wings don't actually make you fly; they're just for looks and are perfect for use in the Appearance Tab.
Chief Chirpa has a brand new bouquet of flowers this year for those who know the secret to unlocking his heart!

Don't worry if you missed last year's Festival of Love. Those flowers will be on sale from the vendor at any of the festival locations at a very exclusive price.

Chak juice is a beverage made from chak, a unique substance that comes from the Great Tree in the forest of Endor. The chak juice is not just tasty; it also increases damage and reduces action cost when consumed.
Camby berries, also offered for a small sum of credits, are gathered from the cambylictus trees scattered across the forest moon. The camby berries are rather tart, so dip the fruit into the chocolate fountain nearby to add more taste and sweet benefits. These sweetened berries boost movement speed and experience gained, so indulge and enjoy!

Don't Miss It!
Everyone will be talking about the Festival of Love, so make sure you take part! Visit one of the participating cities (Tyrena, Kaadara, and the Southern Ewok Lake Village) to enjoy the festivities. There will be plenty of camby berries and chak juice to go around, so hurry now and help celebrate this year's festival!
Join in the celebration starting Tuesday, February 9th! Click here to join the discussion.

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